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Make an architectural statement at your place using one of our high-quality sun shade sails available in our online store. Our shade sails have an aesthetic design and are durable which helps to transform any outdoor space into a sanctuary even in extreme weather conditions. Our Shade sails offer maximum UV protection while providing water-resistance and the convenience of a shelter against rain conditions. From Rectangular Shade Sails to Triangular Shade Sails, we’ve got you covered. Our shade sails come in a range of sizes and shapes as well as fully waterproof or water-resistant. Our warehouses are found in USA, UK, Singapore, Mauritius & Australia.

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How are shade sails unique from other backyard canopies? Shade sails are different from other outdoor shade structures in the way they are constructed and used. A shade sail is set up by attaching each of the four corners’ rope to a supporting hook, which in turn, is attached to a pad eye. Shade sails can be attached to installation poles for maximum security, or anywhere the pad eyes can be attached. Shade sails essentially function, and have the look and feel of, an overhead hammock.

Pool Shade Sails

Where can a sun shade sail be set up? Arguably the greatest advantage of a shade sail is its versatility. Shade sails can be placed over patio or deck furniture, lawn furniture or dining sets, a fire pit, gas grill, or anywhere else in your yard that you spend time. Fortunately, if you install a shade sail in one area of your yard, but ultimately decide it is needed more in another area, you can easily move it.

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What else should I know about shade sails? When choosing a shade sail for your home, consider the different design options and style. Square, rectangular & triangular shade sails are available in our online shade sail store. Shade sails are available as small as five feet wide, and more than 20 feet wide – you should be aware of how much outdoor space you have to work with, and how much of said space you’d like to be shaded.. Also worth noting that shade sails are available in multiple color options to meet the diverse styles and tastes.

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